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CRS Healthcare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nepal CRS Company established to distribute and sell health products with a focus on family planning, maternal-child health, and HIV prevention. It is a commercial enterprise that provides easy access to high-quality health products all over Nepal, while also supporting the efforts of the Nepalese government. Its primary goal is to generate sustainable profits that can support Nepal CRS Company while pursuing CRS’s social mission of improving the national health status. The company began its operations on July 16, 2021, with a portfolio of several products, including brands such as Dhaal Deluxe, Panther Premium, D’zire dotted condom, eCon emergency contraceptive pills, Nilocon White and Sunaulo Gulaf oral contraceptive pills, Sangini (3 monthly DMPA injectable), Nava Jeevan (ORS), IUCD, Implant (Jadelle), and pregnancy test kit (I-Can). Additionally, the company plans to introduce new OTC medicines produced by local pharmaceutical companies. From this fiscal year, the company has already introduced two new products, Lacto calamine lotion and personal lubricant.


Healthy life at an affordable price.


To improve the quality of life by easy access to affordable and effective health products/services through the private sector.


  • Nepal CRS Company’s long legacy in creating markets has resulted in strong relationships with distributors, retailers, and stakeholders, and most importantly with the consumers.
  • As the commercial sector is growing in urban and semi-urban areas, CRS Healthcare has the unique advantage of being present in all provinces of Nepal, enabling the company to strengthen its market share and develop new markets through consumer-centric product development and diversification.
  • CRS Healthcare can effectively and efficiently enable the health basket to reach the population of Nepal, given its reach in the deepest parts of Nepal, favorable relationships with channel partners, and the pulse of the consumer.
  • CRS Healthcare is the only company in Nepal that offers the full range of short-acting reversible contraceptive products in addition to a select range of HIV/STI and child health products.


  • CRS Healthcare is planning to expand both horizontally and vertically to achieve greater profitability and sustainability.
  • Exploring possibilities for introducing local over-the-counter (OTC) health products.
  • Exploring opportunities with local pharmaceutical companies for the supply and distribution of old and new products.
  • Searching new products to add to its basket.
  • Exploring the possibility of becoming an authorized sole distributor of multi-national and/or big companies.


  • The growing number of Nepalese youths seeking employment opportunities abroad presents a decreasing trend in the consumption of contraceptives in the country
  • While importing ready-to-sell products from different parts of the world is tempting and rewarding, it is important to consider the various constraints that come with marketing imported products.
  • Expanding with new products while following prevailing policies presents certain challenges in terms of profitability.
  • Unfair trade practices by numbers of commercial companies.


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